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We provide insurance technology solutions ranging from client lead generation, to streamlining insurance sales, and unique insurance products. Read more about our offerings below.
This one of a kind insurance sales platform is a turnkey sales solution for agents. We provide free, real time, internet generated leads, a predictive dialer and proprietary customer relations manager to connect agents to potential clients across the country. Agents are given:
Free leads
Automated marketing
Insurance Exchange
Our agents have access to the best products, technology, training and support available in the ever-changing health insurance market.
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Through iWebQuotes, we are able to connect real insurance clients, with experienced agents who can help review their options. We focus on providing not only the best and fastest service, allowing clients to quickly return to what really matters, their business and family. We focus on:
Excellent marketing
Strong technology
Expert agent network
We want to provide a full service experience to our clients, without requiring them to ever have to leave the comfort of their home or office.
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This revolutionary health insurance bridge product allows consumers to finally feel secure by offering them benefits for expenses and services not covered by their health insurance plan. This allows consumers to spend less, while maintaining thorough coverage for themselves including:
Doctor Consultations
Dental & Vision Benefits
Deductible Bridges
We want to insure that consumers can continue to have the best coverage, even in the midst of the highest Healthcare inflation ever seen.
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American Insurance Organization
We are the fastest growing and most technologically advanced Insurance Marketing Company in the industry. Our goal is to provide our agents with the best products and service, as well as the best solution to deliver those products to their clients. The three keys to our success are:
Best insurance products
Superior service
Leading edge technology
Our goal is to guarantee our agents' success by insuring they are armed with the best products, tools, and support in the industry.
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